April 29th is celebrated as Viral Video Day, a day to remember our favorite videos that have circulated on the internet. Sometimes, viral videos happen closer to home than you might think. Here's a list of some of the viral videos that have come from Ames and Iowa State University:

Sorry (Justin Bieber) - Iowa State Dance Team Remake

In late 2015, members the Iowa State Dance Team recorded themselves dancing to Justin Bieber's hit "Sorry" and posted it to YouTube. 

Views (as of April 29): 463,000

Iowa State Marching Band T-Rex Performance

The most recent on the list, the Iowa State Cyclones Varsity Marching Band had an instant Twitter hit on their hand after performing during halftime with members of the band in T-Rex suits. The performance was held during Iowa State's notable 30-14 victory over West Virginia.

Views (As of April 29): 2.7 million

Goose on the Loose in Richardson Court

In spring of 2018, then-freshman Lucas Keller got into an altercation with a goose in the Richardson Court area of campus. His video of the goose chasing him went viral on Twitter.

Views (as of April 29): 5.65 million

Hooray for Ames Music Video

Released in 2014, this music video was meant to attract people to Ames. The jury is out on whether it accomplished its goal, but the video went viral nonetheless. 

Views: Undeterminable

The video has been removed and re-uploaded several times, so it's impossible to get a view count.

Iowa State Campanile plays Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance"

At the beginning of the Fall 2010 semester, Iowa State Carillonneur Tin-Shi Tam gave a rendition of Lady Gaga's hit "Bad Romance."

Views (as of April 29): 820,000

Cy does the Evolution of Dance

In a reference to one of YouTube's original viral videos, The Evolution of Dance, Cy tried his best to dance his way through the years. The video was shot at an Iowa State soccer game in 2008.

Views (as of April 29): 209,000

Chris Jorgensen/Iowa State Daily

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