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stevegreggsucksbutt commented on Rechkemmer: I believe women

Steve, we don't have to fight! If you would just learn to accept morality as a core part of humanity, then I wouldn't need to make my own account on the Daily's website to apologize for you. I don't want you to suck this much :(

Brian is obsessed with Steve because he's trying to get ahead of a comment after arguing on a few posts, but Steve isn't obsessed with the Daily despite commenting on almost ever column or editorial the day they're posted. Yes, logical king.

stevegreggsucksbutt commented on Editorial: Islamophobia

Steve literally why would anyone respond to your argument when you're saying you went to Egypt and someone told you they celebrated the cleverness of 9/11.

That's a laughable anecdote. Nobody believes you. Stop begging people to debate you on the internet, weirdo.

stevegreggsucksbutt commented on Rechkemmer: I believe women

Hey Gracie, Steve's conscious here.

Wow, this guy sucks! He tries to leave me (his moral center) behind so I can't stop him from making comments like this, so I'm so glad I caught up in time to find this comment. Can you imagine taking the time out of your day to recount a horrible …