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Nonsense. They're pandering to the social justice warriors. If recent history serves as a guide, they will fail doing so. When you go Woke, you go broke.

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Of course, the editors of the Daily have tried banning me several times, primarily because they are enemies of free speech. It did not work. Of course, it's a problem for the editors to ban somebody for speech when they, themselves are calling me and others racist at the drop of a hat, as…

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When the Constitution was written, “well regulated” meant well disciplined. That meant that the militia would practice linear tactics in the town square every month. Assault weapons are not the scourge of America that ignorant leftists fear. Murderers kill people more often with fists and…

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Here are some other places to visit in Iowa, a couple of them just an hour drive south in Des Moines: State Historical Museum of Iowa 600 E Locust St, Des Moines, IA 50319 They've got a mastodon in there and lots of interesting stuff. Iowa State Fair…

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The best reason to travel abroad is so that you appreciate home. You can’t really see home when your forehead is pressed against the wall. The further away you go, the more perspective you get. Sometimes you need to to the other side of the world to see home clearly. And, if you really wa…

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Anyone who would be so cruel to a helpless animal is nobody you want to be around. Animal cruelty, fire setting, and bed wetting form the MacDonald Triad, which are common behaviors of young people who become serial killers.

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The Arab American Institute is a far left organization which denounces anyone who disagrees with it as racists, extremists, and Zionist agents. It strongly defended Saddam Hussein, claiming he never indulged in terrorism, and took his side in the Iraq War. They also strongly condemned Isr…

You are mistaking weather for climate. You are talking about the change in weather from last year to this, when climate is established in forty year trends. So far, it looks like it has been slightly cooling the last three years after a twenty year temperature hiatus. That means there is …

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My numbers from the Wall Street Journal show that it is false to claim right wing extremists killed more than Muslims in America. It simply isn’t so, like so many things liberals claim.

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An ad hominem. The next step is to call us racists, then Nazis, then Literally Hitler.