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Pretty well said. We should focus on art that actually shows talent and inspiration. Not art that could be imitated easily by toddlers

I remember way back in the day, they said two weeks to slow the spread. Back in the day, heard immunity could be reached without a vaccine. Back in the day, people assumed the risk associated with going out in public, it was always there. Back in the day, the authoritarians wore disguises…

The climate change agenda is anti-human. "have less children to lower your carbon footprint," they say, "lockdowns could actually improve the climate, do less traveling, live with more restrictions." In some cases for 'too-big-to-fail' corporations, they should have climate restrictions, …

someone finally calls them out

Opinions that are malleable can also be dangerous, they are more susceptible to manipulation by others.

Round-abouts are great in concept, but people don't seem to understand how to use them. I have even witnessed an Iowa Department of transportation truck use the round-about on south University Blvd incorrectly.

I think you forgot an option: that masks don't work, and the vaccine may or may not work, and that we don't actually need either.

straight fax

These people are such insecure narcissists. They enjoy telling people they are this or that, they feel the need to let the world know, because they aren't convinced of what they are saying.

Notice how they say two thirds of US counties have high transmission rates, but dont give you any numbers. They can classify any arbitrary rate as 'high' and try to scare you into what they want you to do. Covid has not even popped up in my conversations in the past month. Its over. Stop …