Mark Nelson

Since Biden won't seek the required Senate approval, just like Obama didn't, this is meaningless.

This election cemented a permanent divide in the US that will never be overcome. It's possible that this could lead to a dissolution of the United States.

I've met Joe as recently as 3 years ago. He's a shell of his former self. That's why he was "hidin' Biden".

As an Iowa State grad who lived in California for 30+ years, Kamala Harris is one of the least qualified, amoral politicians I have ever witnessed. In California she was a complete weathervane, blowing in the wind on every issue. She went from pro-death penalty, vigorously putting people …

It's not at all obvious why ISU is playing sports at all if the students don't even want to go to class in person.

ASU is one fo the most successful universities in the western US. It seems that any of their staff would be a good addition to ISU.

I'm sorry, but no student should have been accepted at ISU without understanding the Electoral College. If there's a need to explain such basic concepts, it's unclear that the electorate is competent enough to choose representation.

The Regents should have cancelled this entire academic year, laid off all but required maintenance staff, and restarted n fall of 2021. Online classes are generally inadequate, and labs and other hands on learning cannot be achieved online. They could cancel Spring and Summer 2021.

This is the reason that unemployment insurance exists. They should have already done their layoffs and preserved their cash position. This seems more like malfeasance.

The simplest solution is to close the bookstore and do all sales by ecommerce. Amazon has demonstrated that's less costly as well. Get busy and shut it down.