Lee Van Brocklin

Frick and Frack commented on Vigil held for victims of mass shootings

If a conservative shows sorrow, or wishes to pray/vigil for violence victims, it is characterized as shallow and meaningless by the press. But when the left does it, its compassion and concern. Got it.

BS flag! The evidence, not political demagogy, hearsay or wishful thinking, show that Martin was in the act of assaulting Zimmerman. The facts came out at the trial, but ignorance or intentional lying leads Abdul-Samad to get his 15 minutes as a "local" leader.

No support here for a free press. I believe some necessary common sense restrictions are needed to keep our republic free, and infringe on the out-of-control biased information (propaganda) the press wields today. A citizen cannot tell the difference between opinion and news, by design, an…


Delusional Malcontents.

Too late. The Des Moines Register already made political hay out of this story.

News media needs to do a much better job of separating news from opinion. Much of what gets described as news bias is really opinion, but who can tell the difference? Perhaps that is intentional. I read and listen every day to the subtle bias in reporting, both ends of the spectrum. From…

Informative article? Can we hear from landowners who have different experiences? What is the difference with the hundreds of natural gas pipelines crisscrossing Iowa farmlands? This isn't journalism but a tantrum.

A former president once said, we are just one generation away from losing our freedom. Watching this generation I believe he is right. Ignorant of government, the Constitution, and how we became a republic, they pretend to be like the civil rights marchers of the 60's but they are not. Th…

Frick and Frack commented on Iowa State to partake in national walkout

Endorsing BLM, A racist cop killing organization just trashes any credibility for this walk-out, and its organizers. As far as diverse voices being allowed, ain't never gonna happen. Today was my day, the anniversary of the shot heard around the world. I'm marking tomorrow by going to the range.