Emily Pottebaum

Ian the president incited the riot

Did they shatter windows and break into a government building? Did 7 people die in the process? Was the protest incited by the president over completely false claims of fraud? That's a false equivalence and you know it.

"Despite many conservatives and Republicans willing to accept the results and want to move forward with our lives" lol remind me who exactly stormed the capitol a month ago?

Art, Art, Art. Gender =/= biology. I'm also very amused at your "disrespecting grammar" comment, that's a hot take I was not expecting lmao.

Nobody demanded that, Milty. It seems that you're projecting.

I don't know how to tell you this but all gender is made up. And it's very cool to be a made up gender.

I asked

Thank you, oh wise one, for this sage advice. I, a helpless young student, would be so lost without these kind, patronizing words.

Hi Steve,

Could you please include links to where you are getting your information? I included the articles from which my information was obtained, and I'll need some other legitimate sources if you wish to prove to me that I am wrong.

In the United States of America, law enfo…

You're right about my wording, instead of "murdering Black people left and right" I should have gone for "committing acts of brutality toward Black people at disproportionately high rates." Police brutality doesn't always end in death, and as we saw in the case of George Floyd, does not a…