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Chinese food might create a new channel to the local food; and we should think more about this stituation

( ping: thay mặt kính đồng …

wow, i'll see this film again tonight. This film drives with fantastic & magic. ps thay dây đồng hồ tissot

We're looking forward to see new innovation from city council. And we hope all your support make this city more stable. Ps Anti-aging Essential Oil

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it's great for university show their facilities for this opportunity. And the student have time to enjoy best day for student life. Ps lawn mover

ok, Trump has helps the United States so much, every his signature would bring benefit for US. we believe him. Ps from thay man hinh macbook

we do refer to apply new technology & AI for serve human labor in some dangerous field where robots can help people to do that. But don't create somethings make people worried. Ps from

Her smile is glorious, and hope she can manage & develop the center. (Vietnamese car

It's such an interesting conversation, and from this we can learn a lot, thanks for sharing.

We should combine between study and other activities, outdoor activities then we can remember the knowledge better, ( ps from sua chua iphone )

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wow, the most memory image for students :D, the snow make the lane tiny and warm when we step together to the university. Ps from bia nhập khẩu