David Jackson

“These bills, though none have passed as of the publication of this editorial, show a large step back from progress. These bills favor hatred and draconian ideals over love and compassion to the fellow person.”

-Editorial Board

Pat yourself in the back a little harder for how …

David Jackson commented on Rasmussen: America's biggest cult

The only thing better than the gaslighting from the leftist cult member Olivia Rasmussen is the foaming at the mouth commentary from the quintessential leftist cult member in the comments from Hack Hansen.

“Lawrence said all of these factors are still affecting the amount of wealth for Black community members today compared to their white counterparts.”

What evidence do you have that supports that assertion?

There’s considerable evidence to the contrary.


Useful idiots regurgitating the sloganeering word salad and emotional platitudes they’ve been conditioned to believe makes them a good person for mindlessly following. By the time you realize you're just being used to "tear down and fight the system" so a new system where the people writi…

It took 502 words of substance free partisan talking points to say, “Orange man still bad!” shamelessly trying to downplay the fact that Trump isn’t the fascist dictator his brainwashed detractors, who have spent four years making fools of themselves endlessly echoing, said he was.

“Implementing laws to restrict speech is too radical a move at this time…”

Yes, because the radicals haven’t infantilized enough of the population yet to vote to turn America into a kindergarten classroom.

This editorial makes me feel unsafe and is hateful. It should be censor…

David Jackson commented on Sosa: America divided cannot stand

Trump’s economic strategy is far from perfect, and you hit on some of the issues, but is still the lesser of two evils compared to anything the Democratic Party wants to put in place.

The children separated at the boarder is not a Trump policy, the separations and those cages were p…

David Jackson commented on Tyrrell: White people, you have homework

Privilege theory is a joke, I highly suggest anyone taking your advice to search for these resources search with an independent mind and some genuine critical thinking skills. What they’ll find is circular logic and partial facts supporting race-based privilege and oppression narratives, …

David Jackson commented on Rasmussen: The United States of fascism

“I’m wondering if there’s another country that worships its leader like the reincarnation of Jesus Christ…”

-Olivia Rasmussen

Apparently Olivia has forgotten or chosen to pretend this did not occur during the Obama years. The antics from the mindless sycophants of that demagog…

David Jackson commented on Rasmussen: What’s the difference?

I could take this shameless gaslighting propaganda piece apart but those who have already posted have already done that. Good to see some genuine opposition to the disinformation being put out by the Iowa State Daily staff.

Olivia, not only do you fail to stand up to degenerates who…