Aaron Brand

Culvers is definitely the top for me as well and maybe A&W over Barq's but they are both very good. I would throw the Blue Sky Root Beer at Blaze Pizza into the ring as well as 1917 Root Beer in a pony keg for parties into the ring for best root beers.

You are correct that Iowa State has only played in bowl games in three consecutive years once, but they only went to two bowl games under Earle Bruce. The 1977 Peach Bowl and the 1978 Hall of Fame Classic. Instead they went to bowl games three times in a row under Dan McCarney, the 2000 I…

For country music fans Lady Antebellum also has new music out today with their new release, "Ocean"

Where is the coverage on the Republican side of the aisle? If you want to educate the readers on the primary election then you need not be a partisan news outlet and give equal time to the three Republican candidates as well.

abrand commented on Hays: Eat less meat

Any time that a group like PETA, Greenpeace, ect. is used as a source I have to question the validity.

I would have to agree with Steve Gregg's opinion that this piece shows a true media bias in that they are calling Republican policy "extreme". As a non-party centrist voter I have to say that I feel that both the Republicans and the Democrats have been getting more and more extreme…

Thank you for this editorial! As an ISUCF'V'MB alum (6 years) it is great for the band to get recognized and to let those not in the band get a small glimpse into the life of a marching band member. They work as hard as the athletic teams to put a great product on the field week in and week out.