Aaron Brown

"While men were expected to fight to earn citizenship, women were expected to earn theirs by teaching their children and taking care of their families."

This is not something Rutenberg said, nor is it an accurate portrayal of historical perspectives.

Citizenship is not earned …

I feel like you are taking little bits of familiarity with Republicans and organizing them within a collectivist framework. It works for the nationalistic and authoritarian aspects of Republicans, but not for the capitalistic, populistic, and liberal aspects.

It is understandable th…

Everything is "oppressive" and everyone is "oppressed" if you redefine the terms to mean whatever you wish.

Good evening, Mr Van Brocklin!

Thank you for reading my article. I assure you I was not engaging in sarcasm at any point in the article and my IQ is not between 50 and 70.

You may be right that I do not understand military service as much as you do. I was in the US Navy for on…