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Being a student in the age of the Internet has its perks. From accessing databases from the comfort of your dorm room to applying for internships and jobs online, the academic side of being a 21st century student is more than enough reason to celebrate. But today, as online shopping becomes more ubiquitous than ever, several retailers are also extending special offers to students.

Visit these websites to get discounts on all your favorite brands — all you need to do is prove you’re a student, usually by providing your university email address.

Amazon Student

Subscribing to Amazon Student gets you all the perks of Amazon Prime — including two-day shipping — for free for six months. After six months, you pay $49 per year for up to four years (or as long as you are a student, whichever is shorter), which is half of the $99 fee for regular Amazon Prime.


The Apple Store for Education can net you discounts of up to $200 off an iMac, $20 off an iPad and more. Whether you visit an Apple Store or order online, access to a .edu email address is all you need to save on these products.

Student Universe

Looking to get away on the next school break or just find a cheaper way to get to your summer internship? Student Universe offers inexpensive flights, hotel rooms and tours all over the world. Even if you’ve recently graduated, you can still take advantage of some of their deals just by being 25 years old or younger.


With Unidays, you can save at several popular clothing, electronic and accessories retailers. ASOS, Claire’s, Ann Taylor and Microsoft are just a few of the participating stores that offer online discounts. You can also join the Unidays Rewards program and save more money by getting your friends to join.


Normally, an ad-free Spotify experience costs $9.99 per month. But if you can confirm you are a student using the SheerID system, which only involves providing your name and school, you can get Spotify Premium. Spotify Premium not only removes ads but also gives you the ability to create and save your own playlists for $4.99 per month.

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Chet Karpinski

It's a wonderful news that students have such opportunities to travel cheaper! They should discover this world and implement the experience they get from this travel. I would like to inform my viewers at who are mostly students about this discounts. Good job guys!

Rick Krieger

When it comes to Asia, Thailand is an immensely popular tourist location for student travelers. The cost of flights and accommodations make even the most luxurious vacation with limo service West Palm Beach only as expensive as the cost of living in a major city. And once you land you can do some island hopping while in Thailand, but you might want your final destination to be Ko Phi Phi. Hotels and daily expenses are rather cheap, and recent building booms have created “hotels” that use empty apartments, giving travelers affordable access to high scale accommodations. The city feels young and full of life because it is very easy to travel to on a budget. The city is very walkable, and public transportation is cheap and reliable.

osama ali

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