Are you interested in creating a blog to showcase your fashion style and seasonal ideas? What about vlogging?

Blogging about personal style is quickly rising in popularity, especially on Iowa State's campus.

Sarah Wright, freshman in apparel, merchandising and pre-graphic design, wants to show off her talents in a different way and thinks that sets her apart.

Pop of Color

Sarah is rocking what she thinks is the perfect fall color combo- navy and mustard.

"You can consider me a vlogger, but I would say I am a YouTuber that makes fashion-inspired videos," Wright said. 

She started making YouTube videos as a junior in high school. After continuing regularly, she took a year break because she didn't think it was really going anywhere.

Wright didn't feel like she had loyal subscribers, and making the videos required a huge time commitment. While one of her videos had 30,000 views, some only had a hundred, she said. 

"I hid it from my classmates because no one was making YouTube videos," Wright said. "I restarted the summer of 2016 and called it the 2.0 version. I knew going into college many people would be blogging, having websites and being creative, and I was ready to restart to hopefully set myself apart from others."

She decided to make a vlog instead of a blog because she loves to edit videos and thinks the YouTube platform fits her better.

Wright likes to show off her talents by editing, and if she had more time, she would love to create more look books and edit with music. She feels unique on campus because she sees way more bloggers than vloggers. 

She describes the style she shares on her videos as very trendy. 

Bomber Jacket

Sarah is breaking out her vintage bomber jacket. 

"I don't put myself into a box," Wright said. "I think my style is very classy, fun and vintage. And what makes my videos unique is that I get so many of my clothes from thrifting. Salvation Army is where I shop, and on my videos, show off great, affordable clothing." 

Wright finds that making content on campus is especially challenging.

"It's definitely limiting to live in a dorm room and try to create videos," Wright said. "I want to be making really elaborate fashion films but balancing it on top of school is tricky."

End of Summer Look

Wright wants viewers to know, even though she thinks it sounds cliché, that it is crucial to be 100 percent true to you.

She thinks it is important for artists who want to start YouTubing to set themselves apart from the rest. So many other people are doing the exact same thing, so you have to enjoy making the videos because you never want what you love to feel like a chore. 

"My inspiration would be a mix of a bunch of my favorite YouTubers and the music I like to listen to," Wright said. "I like to have an upbeat channel and really focus on getting creative with my editing.

"Soon I am going to make a website but not for writing. It is going to be a focused portfolio that I can have my videos and artwork on so I can share with businesses and on my résumé. I want to also put my music playlists on it and monthly pictures and be super low key." 

Wright's videos are available to view at

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