Best Professor at Iowa State

1st - Michael Bootsma

2nd - Steve Butler

3rd - Amy Popillion


Best Administrator at Iowa State

1st - Wendy Wintersteen

2nd - Martino Harmon

3rd - Erin Baldwin


Best Coach at Iowa State

1st - Campbell

2nd - Prohm

3rd - Hoiberg


Best Student Leader at Iowa State

1st - Julian Neely

2nd - Cody Smith

3rd - Rachel Barnes


Best Campus Organization

1st - SALT Company

2nd - Stu Gov

         Student Union Board

3rd - Block & Bridle

        Dance Marathon


Best Sorority on Campus

1st - Alpha Delta Pi

2nd - Pi Beta Phi

3rd - Alpha Gamma Delta


Best Fraternity on Campus

1st - Alpha Gamma Rho

2nd - Farmhouse

3rd - Beta Sigma Psi


Best Iowa State Athletics Team

1st - Basketball

2nd - Football

3rd - Volleyball


Best thing that happened at Iowa State this year

1st - Bowl Game

2nd - New President

3rd - Beating TCU


Best thing that happened in Ames this year

1st - Winning Bowl Game

2nd - Beating TCU

3rd - Freddy’s Opening


Best Non-profit agency in Ames

1st - Access

2nd - Food at First

3rd - YSS


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