Brent Metcalf and Joey Palmer

Assistant Head Coach Brent Metcalf and Graduate Assistant Coach Joey Palmer of Iowa State watch a match in the coaches corner on March 7 at the Big 12 Championships inside the Bank of Oklahoma Center in Tulsa

TULSA, Okla. – In the eyes of Assistant Head Coach Brent Metcalf, there's a couple of redshirts who have stuck out in the group.

Aden Reeves and Julien Broderson were awarded the opportunity by traveling with Iowa State to the Big 12 Championships as spectators and workout partners for the 10 guys in the starting lineup.

"Soaking in every moment of it, take every little bit out of it," Reeves said. "It's an awesome opportunity I'm super grateful that I got and make the most of it while you're here."

Both are Iowa natives, both won multiple state championships for their alma maters and both are viewed as future Cyclone starters.

They both say this is much different than wrestling for a state title inside Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines.

"Big open arena, four nice mats and you have those nice Big 12 stickers on them and it hits home," Broderson said. "I want to hopefully be here the next four years representing Iowa State."

Before the second session on Saturday night, Reeves was scrapping with Alex Mackall while Broderson helped Joel Shapiro.

It's a chance for them to help out their teammates while also themselves.

"You kind of put yourself in their shoes, it really puts it all into perspective," Reeves said. "Its going to be great moving forward. You see what these guys are doing and I want that. It pushes me to be that guy."

Metcalf said it was an easy decision to bring those two along. He remembers himself attending tournaments during his redshirt year while a member of the Iowa Hawkeyes.

He hopes viewing this type of atmosphere early helps them in the future.

"Put them in the environment, let them see it, let them be around the team," Metcalf. "You don't want it to be their first time. Let them see it now so when it's their turn, it's nothing new to 'em. They just come here and do their business."

Another aspect for Reeves, a graduate of Underwood, is motivation to get in the starting lineup.

Broderson, a Davenport Assumption alum, shares the same feeling.

"Helps me visualize for the next couple of years," Broderson said. "Watching how my teammates do what they do, how they get warmed up, how they get focused. Coming on this trip, honestly, has been such a blessing."

While Metcalf stated they cannot take redshirts to the NCAA Tournament in two weeks, he does hope they find a way to travel to Minneapolis.

So Reeves and Broderson can see guys they could wrestle against over the next 3-4 years.

"You need to be there, you need to see it and you need to envision yourself out there," Metcalf said. "If you're here, we hope your aspiration is to be the guy. It'll change [your life]. Next year comes along and you're already believing in yourself." 

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