Iowa State guard/forward Ashley Joens reads the court against the Texas Southern women's basketball team at their match Nov. 7 at Hilton Coliseum. The Cyclones won 79-59.

Iowa State (2-1) defeated Texas Southern (1-2) 79-59 on Tuesday in the Cyclones’ second home game of the season.

During the game, the Cyclones struggled offensively early in the game, but a big performance from Ashley Joens sealed the win for the Cyclones.

Joens finished the game with 30 points and 20 rebounds, both of which were a new career high for the sophomore.

Her previous career highs were 25 for points and 12 for rebounds.

Starting for the Cyclones, were Rae Johnson, Jade Thurmon, Adriana Camber, Ines Nezerwa and Ashley Joens.

Iowa State’s offense struggled in the first half as the team shot 16.7% from the floor and had eight turnovers. Johnson, the Cyclones’ starting point guard, accounted for half of those turnovers.

As a result, the team ended the first quarter down 12-11.

The offense picked up in the second quarter for the Cyclones and the team shot 47.1 percent from the field and only added two turnovers, which allowed the Cyclones to finish with a 31-26 lead at halftime.

Joens was the games leading scorer entering halftime with 11 points and 10 rebounds for a double-double. Joens also was the game leader in shot attempts with 13, but she only converted four of those shots before halftime.

Iowa State then shot 42.9 percent in the third quarter and 61.5 percent in the fourth quarter to seal the win for the Cyclones.

While their shooting percentage increased through the game from the first quarter, the Cyclones shot 39.3 percent overall and 31.6 percent from three during the entirety of the game.

Joen shot 6-18 from the field (2-4 from three), but she accumulated 16 of her points from 18 trips to the free throw line.

Outside of Joens, Kristin Scott scored 18 points and had eight rebounds.

Iowa State’s non-conference schedule continues on Friday when the Cyclones travel to Fargo to take on North Dakota State.

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