Jordan Nixon Texas A&M NCAA Tournament

Texas A&M guard Jordan Nixon celebrates with her teammates after her game-winning shot against Iowa State University during the second round of the 2021 NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Tournament on Wednesday. 

In the second round of the NCAA Tournament on Wednesday night, Iowa State fell to Texas A&M 84-82.

Iowa State relied heavily on the three in the first quarter, connecting on 6-7 threes with five different players hitting a 3-pointer. The Aggies went 0-3 from beyond the arc, making all their first-quarter points in the paint.

The first quarter closed with a 3-pointer at the buzzer from freshman guard Aubrey Joens and the Cyclones up 22-12.

The Aggies went on a couple small scoring runs in the second quarter, but it still wasn’t enough to take a lead as the Cyclones were ahead 35-30 at the half.

Iowa State shot 39 percent from the field including 67 percent from three at the end of the second quarter while Texas A&M shot 41 percent and 14 percent respectively.

The Cyclones continued to rely on the three in the third quarter, going 5-10 in the quarter, while the Aggies were opposite, getting their third-quarter points from inside the arc and two from free throws.

Iowa State closed the third quarter ahead of A&M 57-48.

The Aggies brought it closer in the fourth quarter, carrying over a run from the end of the third quarter, but Iowa State continued to hold them at a distance with the Cyclones’ 3-point advantage.

However, the Aggies didn’t go away, using tough defense and making baskets to bring it down to the wire at the end of the game.

Sophomore guard Jordan Nixon tied the game at 75 with six seconds remaining in the game, which eventually sent the game to overtime.

Ashley Joens Texas A&M layup

Ashley Joens attempts a layup against Texas A&M University during the second round of the 2021 NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Tournament. 

Both teams went back and forth with the lead in overtime, but it was the Aggies who came out on top as Nixon hit a layup at the buzzer to win it 84-82.

Junior guard Ashley Joens led Iowa State in points and rebounds with 32 points and 18 rebounds, while Nixon led Texas A&M in points with 35 and senior forward N’dea Jones led in rebounds with 14.

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