ISU Women's Golf - Christie Martens and Taglao Jeeravivitaporn 2021

Iowa State women's golf head coach Christie Martens (left) discusses a chip drill with sophomore Taglao Jeeravivitaporn (right). Martens has led 21 different Cyclones to 46 All-Big 12 honors throughout her coaching career at Iowa State.

Day One of the Big 12 Championship concluded Sunday, as the Iowa State women’s golf team is tied for 8th place with a +8 team score. 

Iowa State struggled in almost every category to begin its postseason.

They are in the bottom two in par threes, par fours and par fives. The Cyclones are also tied for last with Kansas in made birdies at eight. The only category Iowa State is leading is the amount of bogies made.

The team has been led by Joy Chou. Though she is the fifth ranked golfer on the team, Chou is tied for 13th at par. 

Liyana Durisic is also tied for the lead in the amount of pars sunk at 16. 

With Iowa State 17 strokes behind first place Oklahoma State, which is at -9, it will be a tall order for the team to claw back into the thick of things. The Cyclones are also behind six strokes of 7th place Texas Tech. 

Round two of the tournament will start Monday at 8 a.m. with the Cyclones teeing off at 10 a.m. 

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