The Cyclones gather together before the match against Kansas State begins on October 26th.

The Iowa State Cyclones fell in the first round of the NCAA Championship tournament 3-0 to No. 15 Creighton. Each set looked promising to begin for Iowa State but eventually the Bluejays were able to find their rhythm and pull away with the win. 

The first set for Iowa State was one to forget as the Cyclones were their own worst enemy. The Cyclones had a total of five service errors and made multiple mistakes such as poor passes and swings but, they still managed to stay relatively close with the Bluejays. The set ended 25-22 to Creighton giving them the early 1-0 lead.

Following the first set the Cyclones got off to a fast start taking an early 5-1 lead but yet again, the Cyclones were unable to get out of their own way. The service errors proved costly for Iowa State and their early lead quickly diminished as Creighton came back to win the set 25-15. 

The third and final set was a convincing display from Creighton as it started out with a 7-2 lead with freshman Keeley Davis paving the way for the Bluejays victory. Creighton went on to win the set 19-25 which saw the Cyclones eliminated from the Big 12 Championship. 

The Cyclones errors lead them to fall to the Bluejays and end the season with a first-round loss in the NCAA Tournament after missing out in 2018.  

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