Mikayla Ramos hug Kansas 2022

Mikayla Ramos hugs teammate Jayden McKeague's mother before Iowa State's cancer awareness game on May 7, 2022. 

Iowa State softball wrapped up its regular season Saturday afternoon after finishing out a three-game series with Kansas.

What was planned to be just one game turned into a doubleheader, as there is expected weather on Sunday.

The Cyclones lost a close one with the final score of game two (game one of the day) 2-3. The series with the Jayhawks then became tied with game three determining the series winner. 

As for game three (game two of the day), Iowa State grabbed the win and the series with a score of 5-3. 

The Cyclones have now won five or their last six games along with two-straight series victories.

“In this conference, it’s tough to win series,” Iowa State head coach Jamie Pinkerton said. 

More than just a game

Game two of three at the Cyclone Sports Complex was designated as a cancer awareness game. 

Iowa State players wore ribbons in their hair to honor those battling cancer as five Cyclone players currently have a parent battling cancer. 

Three of those parents, the mothers of Milaysia Ochoa, Jayden McKeage and Karli Charles, were able to attend the game and get the opportunity to throw out the first pitch to their daughters. 

Although Mikayla Ramos and Camille Marin’s parents were not able to be in attendance, they still participated in the first pitch as they threw to their teammates. 

A twitter post showed just how important playing the game means to the Cyclones and how special it is to have their parents in the stands. 

Senior Recognition

Game three recognized the senior class from both Iowa State and Kansas. 

Prior to the start of game three, the Cyclone Sports Complex announced the Jayhawks seniors. Cyclone players were seen handing roses to their opponents at home plate. 

Along with those roses came an engagement ring for Iowa State’s Shannon Mortimer. As tears were shed and Cody Johnson’s "On My Way To You" played in the background, Mortimer received endless hugs and love from her team. 

Succeeding game three, the Cyclones recognized their 2022 senior class. 

The four seniors; No. 10 Emilie Guerra, No. 16 Shannon Mortimer, No. 21 Skyler Ramos and No. 26 Jayden McKeague were announced with flowers with support from their teammates, friends and family. 

“They’ve all been equally important for what they bring to the team…I'm really proud of them,” Pinkerton said. 

Skyler Ramos will not only miss her team but the individuality from each of her teammates. 

“We just like to have fun,” Ramos said. 

Freshman Angelina Allen reflected on her first season as a Cyclone and that it’s more than just a softball game. 

“We’re just human beings who love each other,” Allen said. 

Skyler Ramos softball 2022

Skyler Ramos is announced as a starter before a double header against Kansas on May 7, 2022.

What’s to come

Now that the regular season is over, what’s next? 

The postseason for NCAA softball is right around the corner. Iowa State finished their season one win above the .500 mark. Something that is critical as the postseason begins. 

Iowa State currently ranks fifth out of seven in the Big 12 standings. The Cyclones could have the chance to grab the fourth place spot if Baylor loses their final game against Texas on Sunday. 

Either way, Iowa State will play Baylor in the first round of the Big 12 Championships starting Thursday in Oklahoma City. In the second round, Iowa State would play Oklahoma.

The only factor will be whether or not the Cyclones are considered the home or away team. 

Although Pinkerton says he wishes he would’ve taken care of getting the fourth seed themselves instead of relying on another team, his players know what’s to come and will begin to prepare for Baylor.

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