Then-sophomore Annabella Bonadonna played for Iowa State Tennis April 23, 2017. Bonadonna went 1-6 against Lena Ruppert of OSU. Iowa State fell 0-4 against Oklahoma. 

The Iowa State tennis team (5-10) looks to take home court advantage this weekend against both Texas (11 a.m. Friday) and Baylor (12 p.m. Sunday).

The Cyclones have their sights set high for this weekend, looking to bring high energy against Texas (14-3), who is No. 6 in the country, and also Baylor (7-19) who the Cyclones play for their senior night matchup.

Coach Boomer Saia and the team are trying to incorporate the strengths they had in their matches against Kansas and Kansas State from last weekend but also bring in some new strategies to get two positive results.

Last weekend, Saia felt that the energy was fantastic and everyone had walked onto the court believing they could win as there were multiple people who had stepped up in big moments.


Then-sophomore Annabella Bonadonna played for Iowa State Tennis April 23, 2017. Bonadonna went 1-6 against Lena Ruppert of OSU. Iowa State fell 0-4 against Oklahoma. 

“I’d love to carry over the energy, competitiveness and the same winning belief walking into this big weekend for us,” Saia said.

Regina Espindola, a current senior on the team, said in order for them to succeed this weekend, they have to focus on the doubles point and finish the match when they are in the position to win.

“Everytime we are up in the game, we have to finish it," Espindola said. "Last weekend we were up in a lot of matches but we didn’t get the last point.

"The doubles point is really important because it gives you the head-start for the singles, which is what we need.”

Another senior, Annabella Bonadonna, said she is looking forward to this weekend as another great opportunity against two strong competitors. She said the team isn't distracted or affected by Texas' high ranking.

Boomer Saia

Boomer Saia, head coach of the tennis team, coached at Texas Tech prior to Iowa State.

“We are playing for each other and for the school instead of playing for the other universities," Bonadonna said. "We are not caring about rank, we are playing for ourselves."

Saia said he is looking for consistent effort across the board in singles and doubles.

“We played the big points pretty poorly this last weekend," Saia said. "We were getting to the point where we had big opportunities and big points to play but we didn't have our best tennis in those moments."

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