Ellie Spelhaug 2021 Kansas City

Ellie Spelhaug pitches on the mound for Iowa State's last home game against Kansas City on Tuesday. 

The Iowa State softball team concluded its final home game of the season on Tuesday against the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

The Cyclones swept the 'Roos in just six innings with a 8-0 victory, leaving Iowa State’s overall record at 26-18. 

The energy was high and in favor of the Cyclones for a majority of the game on Tuesday. With consistent defense and offensive power, Iowa State was able to find its groove and come out on top against the 'Roos. 

Control in the Circle 

The 'Roos were battling sophomore Ellie Spelhaug to begin but she wasn't giving up anything. With dynamic pitches thrown down the seam, Spelhaug only gave up two hits throughout the duration of the game.

The initial batter that Spelhaug faced knocked one low on the ground, but Spelhaug attacked and was able to make the play for the first out. 

With fierce defense from the Cyclones, along with Spelhaug’s domination on the mound, it made it difficult for the 'Roos to score. Spelhaug only allowed Kansas City five base runners, not one was able to score. 

This was a significant sweep by Spelhaug, advancing her record to 10-5 as a pitcher. 

Mikayla Ramos 2021 Baylor

Iowa State catcher Mikayla Ramos waits for the next call for the next pitch against Baylor. Iowa State lost 9-5 to Baylor on April 23.

Big Hitters 

Ellie’s sister, Carli Spelhaug, who guards 1st base, had an exceptional day of hitting against the 'Roos.

Carli came out swinging for the Cyclones, at her first at bat she snuck one down the foul line to get a single. 

With junior Mikayla Ramos pushing her teammates closer to home plate, Malaysia Ochoa placed one up the middle, allowing Carli to secure the first run of the game.

In the bottom of the third inning, Ramos waited for her pitch but was walked after ball four. With Carli on deck, she snuck one past the 'Roos' defenders, allowing Ramos to advance. 

In the fifth inning the Cyclones completely took over, with players covering every base, Ramos smashed her pitch over the fence for a grand slam.

The hit from Ramos brought in Sami Williams, Kasey Simpson and Carli, this put the Cyclones ahead by four runs. 

During the bottom of the sixth inning, Ramos basically concluded the battle against Kansas City. Ramos placed the ball in right center field for a double, with Carli up to bat, she singled one to right field and brought Ramos home. 

The Cyclones will continue to battle this weekend for a Big 12 series against the University of Texas Tech. 

The only Big 12 win that Iowa State has seen this year was against the Lady Bears in a three-game series. The first pitch will begin on Friday at 6 p.m. in Lubbock, Texas.

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