Iowa State soccer anthem kneeling 9/11/20

Players from the Mountaineers and the Cyclones chose to kneel for the national anthem prior to Friday's season opener for Iowa State soccer. The Mountaineers topped the Cyclones 2-0.

Iowa State soccer fell short in its season opener against West Virginia but showed a lot of promise under new Head Coach Matt Fannon. The game ended in a 2-0 loss but the Cyclones displayed that they are a different team this season and are ready to start winning. 

Cyclones adapting to new system

After the appointment of Matt Fannon from Bowling Green State University, the Cyclones were looking forward to a fresh start. He’s been a three-time Mid-American Conference Coach of the Year and is an experienced winning coach. 

Although the first game didn’t go as the Cyclones had hoped, they looked like a better team overall compared to last season. 

“I believe our women can do it,” Fannon said. “They’re playing our system well, they’re getting their head around it, they’re putting the work in and all of those things are really positive.

“But, the truth of it is we want to win and we didn’t win so what we walked away with isn’t what we wanted.”

Fannon has been trying to instill a winning mentality to this Cyclone team and while that may take some time, the potential is certainly there. 

Kenna Schultz soccer

Senior defender McKenna Schultz dribbles the ball up the field in the Cyclones' 2-0 loss Friday night.

Cyclones' first half fouls 

The momentum of the Cyclones' opening game may have been affected in the first half having fouled the Mountaineers 10 times. 

There were a few big moments that turned the momentum in favor of the Mountaineers but Fannon is keen on pushing through and winning despite those moments. 

“There were a couple of big moments that I think when we were on top we didn’t get the calls we wanted but that's the game,” Fannon said. “[Fouls] always affects momentum. I think it’s something that you feel as the game goes on but it’s another thing we need to learn to push though and figure out how to win regardless of those moments.”

Despite falling short in the season opener and Fannon’s coaching debut for the Cyclones, there is plenty of promise for the team to get on the winning side.

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