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Sports Editor Zane Douglas is a junior in journalism and mass communication.

Zane Douglas, sports editor (1-1)

 Oklahoma 45, Iowa State 35

Yeah, the Cyclones passing attack has been rough and the Iowa State defense and run game has carried the team a bit, but this will still be a high scoring game. Oklahoma is too good.

Iowa State has shown an ability to keep up with the Sooners in previous years and has tended to play up to its competition a bit, so signs point to this game being close.

Still, I think Oklahoma runs away with it at the end with redshirt freshman quarterback Spencer Rattler having a big day, forcing the Cyclones to rely on the passing attack.

The Iowa State defense will have its first bad game as Lincoln Riley draws up a solid game plan for the Sooner offense.

Junior quarterback Brock Purdy will have his best game of the year and sophomore running back Breece Hall will help out, but ultimately Iowa State will be bounced at home for its first conference loss.

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2020-2021 Assistant Sports Editor Matt Belinson.

Matt Belinson, assistant sports editor (1-1)

Oklahoma 31, Iowa State 21

I have to go with Oklahoma here. 

Yes, you can say the Sooners didn't look like themselves Saturday against Kansas State, and you would be right. You can say Spencer Rattler made dumb decisions. You can say there was some poor offensive line play as well, and once again, you would be right in my eyes.

However, I am of the belief you don't win betting against the Sooners, and I won't make that mistake.

The Cyclones have a chance Saturday. But will they take advantage of their chance? Based on what I have seen from this team through two games and through all of 2019, my bet would be no.

The Cyclones are notoriously their own worst enemy in the biggest spots more often than not, and while the Sooners might be limping into Ames this weekend, this is still Oklahoma. 

I think there will be a point or two in this game where Iowa State will have the momentum or have a chance to take it and will not be able to put it all together, giving the Sooners another win over Iowa State.

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2020-2021 Assistant Sports Editor Stephen McDaniel. 

Stephen McDaniel, assistant sports editor (1-1)

Oklahoma 35, Iowa State 24

I really want to believe Iowa State can win this game, but I just can’t.

Everything seems to be in place for the Cyclones: Oklahoma coming off an upset loss to Kansas State, having a bounce back win against TCU and 15,000 fans providing the atmosphere that was lost in the Louisiana game.

But I don’t think it’ll be enough.

Even though Oklahoma lost and its new Lincoln Riley-esque quarterback Spencer Rattler had some questionable throws that resulted in three interceptions, Rattler still threw for 387 yards and four touchdowns while Oklahoma put up 35 points in its loss.

Breece Hall will be relied on heavily once again while Iowa State still tries to perfect its pass game, which hasn’t gotten off to the start it was hoping for.

In Cyclones vs. Sooners tradition, the game will still be a one or two possession game, but Oklahoma will prevail and show everyone the Kansas State loss was a fluke.

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Iowa State Daily columnist Zach Martin.

Zach Martin, columnist (1-1)

Iowa State 31, Oklahoma 28

If Iowa State wants to prove it has grown in Matt Campbell's fourth year at the helm, this is a game it has to win.

And it will.

This just smells like the game Purdy is going to prove his doubters, me included currently, wrong. He goes up against Rattler, the new darling quarterback of Riley's powerhouse. This is the former's chance to prove the latter still has competition for best quarterback in the Big 12.

Is there worry with a pretty leaky Cyclones secondary that has been prone to big play after big play through eight quarters? Absolutely. I echo those concerns. Rattler proved he can air it out almost as good as Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray.

But the defensive line woke up against TCU and that is enough reason for me to believe that unit can get to Rattler enough to win. That, and the fact Iowa State is wearing the all black uniforms, which it still hasn't lost in.

It's too perfect for the Cyclones not to lose.

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2020-2021 Managing Editor of Content Logan Metzger.

Logan Metzger, managing editor of content

Oklahoma 26, Iowa State 21

So this is literally my first-ever staff pick and I find it crazy I was even asked to do it, but nonetheless I am here to tell y'all my guess for this weekend's game! As an adamant nonsports person, I have decided to base my prediction solely off of the uniforms of the two teams.

First up we have the home team, the Iowa State Cyclones. For Iowa State the colors are cardinal and gold, but it is really more of a yellow and personally I just hate the color yellow so that's already a big "L" for me. Other than that, the yellow on red look of the Cyclones' uniforms are really just not doing it for me. It clashes too much and is a lot to handle when watching it either from the stands or on the TV.

Then we have the opposing team, the Oklahoma Sooners. Their colors are crimson and cream, already loving it with the alliteration. Then we have the uniforms, the red is nice and not too bright, not too aggressive. And then the white on top of the red, just immaculate, it's clean and sharp and I can clearly understand what is going on.

Honestly, maybe Iowa State can tone it down just a notch.

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