Iowa State soccer team Kansas State 2020

Iowa State soccer meets in a huddle against Kansas State on Friday. Iowa State lost the match 2-0.

Iowa State came into its last game of the season with a record of 2-6, losing three in a row after starting a respectable 2-3. 

If this was the last fans will see of the Cyclone women's soccer team this season, they sure made a show out of what could be their last game.

A windy night in Lawrence, Kansas, featured a 12th ranked Jayhawk team with a record of 4-3. 

Kansas kicked off the scoring with a goal by senior night star Ceri Holland, her third of the season, about ten minutes before the end of the first half.

Iowa State had some aggressive time in the attacking third, but it only created three shots, one of them on goal.

The second half consisted of much more back and forth play, in turn meaning lots more shots (six for Iowa State, and seven for Kansas).

It was Courtney Powell that scored on a ball tipped by the Jayhawk goaltender with about 50 seconds to spare to tie the game at 1-1, heading into overtime.

The two overtimes were uneventful in terms of goal scoring, but not for lack of trying. Cyclone goaltender Jordan Silkowitz had a ball deflected as she was trying to clear, leaving a Kansas forward with nothing between her and the net (and the win).

She was unable to capitalize, and the game ended in a 1-1 draw.

The tie moves Iowa State to 2-6-1, with what most would think some semblance of a Big 12 tournament on the horizon. 

The Cyclones finished sixth, with some games still to be played around the conference.

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