Gannon Gremmel Big 12 championship

Iowa State's Gannon Gremmel fights for position with Wyoming's Brian Andrews in their heavyweight championship match on March 8 at the Big 12 Championships inside the Bank of Oklahoma Center in Tulsa.

On Saturday, Iowa State wrestling competed in the UWW Juniors and U23 Nationals freestyle tournament in Omaha, Nebraska. 

One of the Cyclones' 2020 All American Wrestlers earned his place in the quarterfinals competition. Senior Gannon Gremmel (125 kg) had great looks during his first round on the mat, competing against unattached, Jared Campbell.

Gannon began slow, after having a one point lead, Gannon was able to take Campbell off of his feat, securing a big lead 7-4. Gannon finished the first round defeating Campbell 12-4.

In the second round Gannon and his opponent, Gabriel Beyer from the Arkansas Regional Training Center, held each other to zero points after three minutes of mat play.

Gannon brought Beyer to the edge the mat then took him down on his back to take a huge lead 8-1. Gannon defeated Beyer 12-1 by the end, advancing himself to the quarterfinals. 

Sophomore Grant Stotts (125 kg) took down both of his opponents in the first and second rounds in under three minutes. Dominating over his opponent on all sides of the mat, Stotts won his first competition 12-1. 

In the second round, Stotts competed against Westley Bockert from the Interior Grappling Academy, Bockert took the lead right away. Stotts came back faster and stronger, defeating Bockert 14-4. 

Wrestling 3

Kevin Dresser and his coaching staff look on during the duel against Oklahoma State on Jan. 26 at Hilton Coliseum.

The redshirted freshmen, Ramazan Attasauov (57 kg), competed against Luke Werner (57 kg) in the second round of the bracket. Attasuov was able to grab the first five points against Werner in that round. 

Attasouv defeated Werner on the mat and earned his spot to compete in the quarterfinals.

Three other Cyclones who had talented performances in todays matches, earned their spot to compete in the quarterfinals; sophomores Issac Judge (70 kg), Francis Dugan (125 kg), and Joel Shapiro (86 kg). 

The Cyclones will come back Sunday to compete in the last day of matches. 

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