Tylan Wallace 2019

Oklahoma State wide receiver Tylan Wallace runs up the field against Iowa State on Oct 26, 2019. Wallace had 131 yards and a touchdown in a 34-27 win for the Cowboys.

Oklahoma State: Tylan Wallace

Most of you are thinking, 'not Chuba Hubbard?' and yes, I know.

But if you know anything about this matchup Saturday, you should already be watching Chuba Hubbard, the dynamic running back for Oklahoma State.

Everyone knows his name and what kind of threat he is in the backfield.

Instead, I am going with wide receiver Tylan Wallace, who is just as big of an x- factor for the Cowboys' offense. And believe me, I bet the Cyclones are game planning specifically around Wallace based on what he's done to them over the last two seasons.

In 2019's matchup in Ames, Wallace had his way with Iowa State's secondary, hauling in eight catches for 131 yards, with his biggest reception coming on a 71-yard touchdown. Wallace, even as a true freshman, found success in 2018 against Iowa State with 82 yards and a touchdown.

There is only one wide receiver in the Big 12 that has had at least 75 receiving yards in each of their last two matchups with Iowa State (2018 and 2019).

Spoiler alert, it's Wallace.

Through four games, Iowa State has not allowed an opposing receiver finish with more than 82 yards, but I expect Wallace to break that trend Saturday and continue to cause problems for Iowa State's secondary.

Brock Purdy Texas Tech

Iowa State junior quarterback Brock Purdy throws a pass against Texas Tech on Oct. 10.

Iowa State: Brock Purdy

Iowa State needs Brock Purdy to return to his 2019 form Saturday. If Iowa State is going to win, he'll need to be better than what we've seen through four games.

Purdy has thrown over 300 yards one time this season, along with just one game with more than one touchdown pass. His four touchdown passes ranks fifth in the Big 12.

And even if you want to say he has been playing well up to this point, no one has forgotten the last time he took the field against the Cowboys. In 2019, Purdy threw three interceptions on a day where he threw the ball 62 times.

Can he find some of his 2018 magic from his collegiate debut against Oklahoma State where he threw over 300 yards and put up four touchdown passes? 

If he does, Iowa State will have no problem in a shootout with Oklahoma State and will likely have too much working on offense en route to a victory. But if he doesn't show out, the Cyclones could be heading back to Ames with their first Big 12 loss of the season.

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