To take a page out of Iowa State Athletic Director Jamie Pollard's book, I decided to write an open letter to address some issues that have taken place these last two weeks on our campus. Specifically, the topic of closing Stephens Auditorium and the decision to have no fans in the stands is the topic of conversation in this letter.

The college football season is an exciting time for a lot of people, but for season-ticket holders and students, it can be much more than that. Going to games, watching top-25 polls drop and standing behind your team as it tries to have a successful season is something that a lot of people enjoy every year.

Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence took to Twitter on Sunday to talk about why the NCAA football season should happen. While the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) — the conference Clemson resides in — decided to play, the Big Ten, Pac-12 and numerous smaller conferences announced an end to their fall sports.

A chasm formed this week between the Power Five conferences where the Big Ten and Pac-12 chose to suspend the football season at least until the spring while the Southeastern Conference (SEC) and Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) has decided to play.