This Wednesday, in Ames, the high temperature for the day was 35 degrees and snow was falling throughout the day.

Nevertheless, the Iowa State club baseball team is gearing up to play five games in the state this weekend.

Right now, the team is scheduled to take on Northern Iowa at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. on Saturday in Cedar Falls, Iowa, before trekking back to Cap Timm Field to play a triple-header on Sunday.

“We were trying to play Mankato at home last weekend, but that was obviously a wash,” said president Bobby Thompson. “The only way we could fit all of the conference games in was by doing this.”

A week ago, Iowa State was supposed to face off with Minnesota State-Mankato in a four-game series with two doubleheaders played on Saturday and Sunday. The standard four-game series featured three games that counted towards conference play and one that did not.

So, Thompson worked to move the games against UNI to Saturday with a doubleheader and another one-off game with the Panthers on Wednesday.

That left Sunday as the only open day to play the three required conference games against Mankato.

The rescheduling means a little bit of extra work for Thompson and company, however, who had to set up three different games in between an already busy schedule.

“There was some discussion about how to get approval from the league and all that in order to make the changes, but we're pretty flexible when it comes to the weather and all that,” Thompson said.

Thompson had to get approval from the commissioner and regional director for the league in order to reschedule the games.

“They have to approve schedule changes and they're pretty open to flexibility and stuff just to get all the games in,” Thompson said. “That’s all they care about is making sure all the games get in.”

Sunday’s triple-header will feature three conference games against Minnesota State-Mankato starting at 11:30 a.m., 1:45 p.m., and 4 p.m.

It will be the second day this month that will see Iowa State playing three games in the same day.

“We’re a little used to it now,” Thompson said.

Due to a different rainout, Iowa State played three games against Moorehead two weeks ago, coming away with a sweep.

“It’s definitely a little bit of a grind,” Thompson said. "The biggest thing this weekend is making sure we have enough pitching."

Thompson said the team wanted to make sure that their pitching staff could go four, five, or even six innings so that they wouldn't have to go too far into the bullpen.

We’re pretty comfortable with the staff and we have a really deep depth chart there," Thompson said. "But it's definitely a grind --totally."

If Iowa State manages to win out through the weekend, they will advance to 8-0 in conference play. Pair that with a win on Wednesday and the team will be 9-0 going into their rivalry series with the Iowa Hawkeyes the weekend after.

"We want to go 9-0," Thompson said.

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