4x400 Big 12 Championship relay team

Cyclone men's 4x400 team made up of Eric Fogltanz, Ben Kelly, Roshon Roomes and Jaymes Dennison celebrating their result. The four took fourth place in the Big 12 Championships at Lied Recreational Center on February 25.

The Iowa State men’s track and field team went into Saturday hoping for improvement, but it ended with more of the same.

The first day of the Larry Wieczorek meet did not turn out how the Cyclones hoped and they needed to improve on the second day to salvage success out of this weekend. 

A promising part of the men’s track and field is their depth in the middle-distance area. Jaymes Dennison, Roshon Roomes, Ben Kelly and Frank Hayes ran the 4x400-meter relay and came in fourth. They all had solid meets last weekend so this race figured to be a strong suit for the Cyclones.

Iowa State hosts the Big 12 Track and Field Championships

Sophomore Elijah Young finishes in seventh place in the 60 meter hurdles at the Big 12 Championships in Ames, Iowa on Feb. 27. Young finished with a time of 8.23 seconds. 

Elijah Young, who had a less than ideal meet last weekend, was a bright spot for the Cyclones as he took third in the 60-meter hurdles and improved his time by a tenth of a second.

Wyatt Rhoads finished fourth in the first heptathlon that the Cyclones competed in this year.

Other than these small accomplishments, the Cyclones were not very sharp for this weekend. They have to shake off the rust if they are going to be competitive when the season starts moving along.

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