Womens Basketball

Head Coach Bill Fennelly meets with his players during a timeout in a game against Iowa on Dec. 11.

The Iowa State women's basketball team is picked to finish third out of 10 in the Big 12 in the 2020-21 season.

In a press release Thursday, the Big 12 released its preseason poll, which is led by Baylor at first, then Texas at second and Iowa State at third.

Each of the head coaches from the Big 12 schools sent in a ballot where they ranked each Big 12 school from one to nine (excluding their own) and points were assigned to those teams based off of where they were picked.

Iowa State had 69 points, while Baylor had 81 and Texas had 79.

Kansas State is listed at fifth with 50 votes, while West Virginia is at sixth with 45 votes.

Texas Tech had 36 pointss which makes it sixth in the poll, Oklahoma is closely behind with 33 points and is listed at seventh.

Rounding out the rest of the Big 12 is Oklahoma State who finished eighth with 26 points, Texas Christian with 23 points and Kansas with 14. 

The Iowa State women's basketball team has not released its schedule for the 2020-21 season yet.

Last season, Iowa State was picked fourth in the Big 12 preseason poll and finished tied-for-fourth with Kansas State (10-8 record in conference play).

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