Eleanor Holthaus and Candelaria Texas Tech

Eleanor Holthaus hugs Candelaria Herrera while other Cyclones celebrate an Iowa State point against Texas Tech on Saturday. Iowa State lost the match 3-2 to Texas Tech.

A small amount of fans can now expect to attend Iowa State home volleyball matches at the end of October after Iowa State Athletic Director Jamie Pollard announced fan attendance plans on Monday.

Beginning with the Oct. 23 match against the Baylor Lady Bears, Iowa State volleyball's home matches are going to be open to the public, Iowa State Athletic Director Jamie Pollard announced in Monday a press release.

Iowa State played its first home matches of the season on Friday and Saturday against the Texas Tech Lady Raiders.

Attendance at those matches were only open to friends and family of the players and coaches. 

Pollard said in the press release, "After reviewing match operations, we have decided to allow a limited number of fans at future volleyball games beginning on Oct. 23 vs. Baylor."

Part of the reasoning for allowing fans at home matches, is because the athletic department views Saturday's football game against Oklahoma, where 15,000 fans attended, as a success.

"I also want to recognize those in attendance for doing an outstanding job in adhering to our mitigation efforts," Pollard said. "Numerous peers around the nation shared how compliant (especially face coverings) our fan base appeared to be."

Specific guidelines for home matches, including the requirement of face coverings to be worn by fans and staff as well as the encouragement to practice social distancing, can be found here.

Admission to the matches is free and require no tickets.

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