Softball Kansas double play

Iowa State attempts to turn a double play against Kansas on May 3, 2019. The Cyclones defeated the Jayhawks 3-2 on a walk-off home run by Sami Williams.

The Iowa State softball team competed in their second tournament of the season, the FAU “Strikeout Cancer” Tournament.

The team finished 9-1, suffering its first loss of the season.

Cyclones offense off to a good start

Carli Spelhaug started off hot, singling to lead off the home half-inning.

Her teammate, Sami Williams, followed behind her with a double.

Both Spelhaug and Williams collected base hits again at the top of the lineup. Williams was able to score later in the inning to tie the game 3-3.

For a sixth consecutive game, the team was able to make a first inning run.

Spelhaug continuing to prove herself

Spelhaug went on to improve 4-0 on the season and tallied two strikeouts on her second day of tournament play.

She was two for four with a double and two runs against Missouri and hit a home run down left field in the top of the fifth inning against Florida Atlantic University (FAU) on the second day.

Iowa State didn't go down easy

Despite FAU giving the team their first loss, the team fought until they couldn’t any longer.

Even though the Cyclones were only able to manage three hits against Owls pitcher Lynn Gardner, they managed a couple of good runs.

Spelhaug was able to steal home and slide safely into home plate while also hitting a solo home run later.

Alesia Ranches was able to draw a walk and put two of the runners on the corners with two away.

The Cyclones were able to come back and redeem themselves on the third and final day of play, beating Ole Miss for a second time 7-6.

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