ISU v baylor 4

Iowa State lost to Baylor 23-21 on Saturday.

The Daily's sports editors (and a special guest) predict what will happen Saturday when the Cyclones play TCU. 

Zane Headshot.jpg

2019-2020 Assistant Sports Editor Zane Douglas.

Zane Douglas, Assistant Sports Editor (3-1)

Iowa State 17, TCU 28

Doomsday time for the Cyclones. They lose to TCU for their first loss in October since Matt Campbell’s first year as coach. While Iowa State looks better on paper, you can’t deny that the Cyclones haven’t performed up to standard this season. Look for the Horned Frogs run game to give Jon Heacock’s defense fits all day while the offense continues its lackluster start to the season. If Iowa State can find its offensive footing, there shouldn't be any trouble getting back over a .500 winning percentage, but besides the Louisiana-Monroe game, the offense has failed to find any consistency. A loss would all but destroy the Cyclones’ Big 12 title hopes.

Noah Headshot.jpg

2019-2020 Sports Editor Noah Rohlfing.

Noah Rohlfing, Sports Editor (3-1)

Iowa State 24, TCU 20

We may have gone too high-scoring when predicting Iowa State’s first Big 12 game last weekend. I will not be fooled this week. Iowa State is a team built on winning (and losing) in the margins, not by scoring 72 damn points against Louisiana-Monroe. The Cyclones win by playing strong defense and making the most of big-play opportunities offensively. They did neither against Baylor, particularly in the third quarter. I feel like the Cyclones will get the win, right the ship and head into Texas Tech week dreaming of another undefeated October.

Matt Headshot 2.jpg

2019-2020 Assistant Sports Editor Matt Belinson.

Matt Belinson, Assistant Sports Editor (3-1)

Iowa State 24, TCU 14

After a not-so-perfect start to the conference season, Iowa State will get a bounce-back win at home against the Horned Frogs of TCU. There is an expression that you are what your record says you are, but this term just doesn’t apply to TCU. The Frogs have played one team with a winning record and that was No. 25 SMU. Iowa State is a better team with more to play for with Big 12 championship aspirations still on the mind. The Cyclones will come into this matchup looking to make a statement after the offense took a big step back against Baylor.

Sierra Headshot.jpg

2019-2020 Lifestyle Editor Sierra Hoeger.

Sierra Hoeger, Lifestyle Editor

Iowa State 30, TCU 13

Staying loyal and forever true to classic October fashion, Iowa State will win the first game in October vs. TCU. And just in time for Brocktober, Brock Purdy is #2 in total offense in the Big 12. I may not know much about sports, especially football (In high school, my former cheer coach made us take a quiz about the more technical parts of the sport. Needless to say, I didn’t do too well.) However, I do know that Iowa State’s biggest defensive weakness is passing defense. And TCU is currently ranked 8th in the Big 12 for passing offense, which basically evens out, right?

Because of this, I’m anticipating a kind of back and forth game. Hopefully this time without any rain delays or three overtimes. I think Iowa State has it in them after Baylor, and will hold true to the past two Octobers, making this one a solid win against TCU.

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