(Note: The Cyclones and Texas Tech had to temporarily stop match play last night due to darkness. They resumed play this morning at 7:30 am with three scores to be determined.)


Sam Vincent tees off on the first hole at Coldwater Golf Links on April 5th.

Playing the top-ranked team in the Big 12 is a challenging way to start a rebound weekend — but that's where the Cyclones found themselves, seeded ninth and taking on the top-seeded Red Raiders of Texas Tech.

Early on it looked like it could be going in the Cyclones favor, with all six of the individuals hanging around — some only down by one stroke, some tied and some pulling ahead. About halfway through the Cyclones were actually set to pick up as many points as the Red Raiders, which would do wonders for their confidence.

As the light faded in Houston, so did the Cyclones' hopes of hanging around with the Red Raiders. When officials called it for the evening, Texas Tech had nine points on three outright wins, with the other three tied headed into the morning.

As for the scores that were able to be finalized on Friday night, Kyle Hogan let Iowa State's Bryce Hammer hang around, but ended up winning by four strokes. Markus Braadlie of Texas Tech beat struggling senior Sam Vincent by two and the Red Raider's premier golfer, Andy Lopez, beat Ricky Costello by three strokes.

Tripp Kinney won by a stroke over Sandy Scott, Frank Lindwall and Ludvig Aberg ended up tying (giving the Cyclones a point), but Lachlan Barker fell to Jamie Stewart by one.

All in all, the Cyclones picked up four points in the first round of pool play. They play TCU Saturday morning and an opponent to be determined later on Saturday. Iowa State looks to use their early rise this morning as an advantage as another long day of golf awaits them before championship and consolation play awaits Sunday.

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