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2020-2021 Sports Editor Zane Douglas.

Zane Douglas, Sports editor

Iowa State 31, Louisiana 24

Holding Louisiana's offense will be tough for the Cyclones and with the first game always being a rusty one, this won't be any different. The Ragin' Cajun offense is dynamic, and the defense is solid, but against big conference teams last season it was the defense that was exploited. Don't expect that to change against the ranked Cyclones. Iowa State's defense will have the tougher task, but experience should give them another edge. The offense will carry this one for Iowa State, but Louisiana will make it close and scare the Cyclones with a one-score game.

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2020-2021 Assistant Sports Editor Matt Belinson.

Matt Belinson, Assistant sports editor

Iowa State 28, Louisiana 14

The Cyclones, like most other teams on Saturday, will start off slow. It's been a long time since these teams have played another opponent in a live setting. With that said, after about two rives, I expect the Cyclones to unleash Brock Purdy and a talented offense on the Ragin' Cajuns defense. However, I don't think the Ragin' Cajuns will put up much of a contest against him.

I would not be shocked if JaQuan Bailey wastes no time and gets his elusive sack to become Iowa State's all-time leader. I have a feeling the Cyclone defense will be feasting just like the offense and turnovers will fall in their lap Saturday.

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2020-2021 Assistant Sports Editor Stephen McDaniel. 

Stephen McDaniel, Assistant sports editor

Iowa State 35, Louisiana 21

It almost seems like it’s a tradition for Iowa State to start its season off slow and I fully expect there to be some rust when it takes the field against Louisiana. It’ll take a second for the Cyclone offense and defense to get the wheels turning and that's when Louisiana will strike against Iowa State. However, once the Cyclone offense and defense get moving, it'll be difficult for the Ragin' Cajuns to score against the Cyclones and to slow down junior quarterback Brock Purdy and his vast amount of weapons on the offense. Simply put, there's just too much talent on this Iowa State team for Louisiana to get the upper hand on Head Coach Matt Campbell and the No. 23 ranked Cyclones.

Zach Headshot

Iowa State Daily columnist Zach Martin.

Zach Martin, Columnist

Iowa State 42, Louisiana 24

It wouldn't be too surprising to see the No. 23 Cyclones get punched in the mouth in the opening 15 minutes. First game of the season, even for an experienced bunch like they are, is always going to create a bit of jitters. Louisiana is going to come out like it has nothing to lose, because it doesn't. How will Iowa State respond if it trails after the first quarter, or even the first half? Adjustments and having a wealth of talent on both sides of the ball are going to be what aids the Cyclones to a good start. Louisiana keeps it within striking distance, but too much Brock Purdy allows for Iowa State to pull away late.

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Fall 2020 to spring 2021 Editor-in-Chief Sage Smith.

Sage Smith, Editor-in-Chief

Iowa State 30, Louisiana 28

Football games are finally resuming for the Cyclone athletes and the first one of the season will surely feel similar to an adrenaline rush, with the hearts of players and fans racing. It'll be a race to score the first points and a strong start from Iowa State should be expected.

There may be a lag in play near halftime, even the strongest of twisters weaken at times, which is why Iowa State won't win by much. The game will be close but the Ragin' Cajuns will see defeat, leaving them feeling awfully salty.

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