Hayden Fry

Former Iowa coach Hayden Fry. Fry was the coach at Iowa from 1979-1998 and former Iowa State coach Dan McCarney was an assistant under Fry. 

Former Iowa Hawkeyes coach Hayden Fry died on Tuesday at at the age of 90, the Hawkeyes announced.

The coach spent the bulk of his career at the helm for the Hawkeyes. Fry started his tenure with Iowa in 1979 and would end his coaching career in 1998. Fry is known for one of the most expansive coaching trees in college football history, with coaches who learned under him including Bob Stoops, Bill Snyder and former Iowa State head coach Dan McCarney.

Fry took over for a depleted Iowa program in 1979 and turned around years of poor performance by taking them to numerous bowls throughout the 80s. The Hawkeyes also won multiple Big Ten championships in his time there. Fry was 143-89-6 at Iowa and had a 16-4 record against the Cyclones. 

Dan McCarney 1

Former Iowa State coach Dan McCarney was inducted into the Iowa State Hall of Fame in September of 2016.

"Hayden Fry is a college football icon and an Iowa legend," said Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz. "His Hall of Fame career is well known, but personally, he will always be the man who took a chance on me at the start of my coaching career."

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