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The Iowa State football team celebrates their 44-10 win against the San Jose State Spartans Sept. 24. 

Every week during the year, Ryan Young, Luke Manderfeld, Brian Mozey and a special guest make their predictions for the Iowa State football game. Here are their predictions for the Cyclones' week five matchup against Baylor in Ames. 


Luke Manderfeld, Sports Editor (2-2) 


Luke Manderfeld is the current sports editor at the Iowa State Daily.

Winner: Baylor

Score: 49-15

Speed, speed and more speed. 

That's what Baylor is all about, and it has paid huge dividends so far. The Bears are 4-0 and ranked 13th in the nation even amid the turmoil of the offseason. 

Baylor is just on another level. The only scenario where the Cyclones pull this one off is if they can slow down the Bears on both sides of the ball — and that's unlikely. 

Ryan Young, Assistant Sports Editor (3-1)

Ryan Young Mug.jpg

Ryan Young is the current assistant sports editor at the Iowa State Daily.

Winner: Baylor

Score: 52-10

OK, so I was wrong last week. I'll admit it and move on.

But I won't be wrong twice in a row.

Baylor is going to win this weekend in Ames, which will position themselves atop the Big 12 and the most likely in the conference to earn a spot in the College Football Playoff.

Sure, Baylor is dealing with numerous off-the-field issues. It has a new coach, replacing the fired Art Briles. They're dealing with an unprecedented sexual assault scandal, one that is causing issues for their recruiting. 

Yet, the Bears are still undefeated this year. They're still winning. They're still succeeding. 

And Iowa State doesn't have the talent to slow Baylor. This one won't be pretty in Ames.

Brian Mozey, Football Reporter (1-3)


Brian Mozey is a football beat reporter at the Iowa State Daily.

Winner: Baylor

Score: 49-24

Clearly from my 1-3 record, I'd suggest not following my picks, but I'll choose Baylor this weekend. Baylor looks too fast and strong for Iowa State both offensively and defensively. 

The last two years, Baylor has scored in the 40s against Iowa State, as the Cyclones have scored in the 20s each year. I think that tradition will continue this season.

Alex Connor, News Editor

Winner: Baylor

Score: 38-0

Baylor is going to win because Iowa State usually doesn't. In all seriousness though, while Baylor is looking at a thin roster and new coach, its speed and strength ultimately outweigh anything Iowa State could bring to the field.

Also, watch out for those yellow flags, Iowa State. 

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