Volleyball vs UNI

Iowa State volleyball won against the University of Northern Iowa 3-1 Sept. 10, 2019, at Hilton Coliseum.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to demand changes to the normal way of living. This time, the change came with Iowa State volleyball announcing no fans are to be allowed at home volleyball matches for the 2020 season. 

The Iowa State Daily sports desk sent out a fan reaction poll to see how students and Iowa State fans felt about the new policy of home matches being closed to the public. Of the responses, 69 percent said they approved of having no fans and 31 percent of people said they disapproved of the closure. 

Some people were disappointed about the closure but ultimately believed it was the right thing to do in order for there to be the best chance at having a safe volleyball season this year. Others thought people would be responsible enough to be able to safely have fans at matches.

"I think it’s ridiculous. As long as face coverings and social distancing are enforced, then it should be fine," one Iowa State student said. "Also, not having fans makes it harder for the athletics department to collect revenue."

After the announcement came that Iowa State would also not be allowing fans at Jack Trice Stadium, Athletic Director Jamie Pollard announced in a letter to fans Friday that the athletic department will face a $30 million deficit. 

Another Iowa State student who approved of not allowing fans said they understood the athletic department will get hit but that safety should come first.

"There should not be fans at games. Allowing large gatherings of people would be very irresponsible," they said. "I understand fans will be disappointed and the athletic department will get hit, but the athletic department will survive through one bad season. Fans will survive through one season. Public health should be prioritized over entertainment and money."

ISU vs West Virginia 4.jpg

Avery Rhodes and Eleanor Holthaus block West Virginia's hit. Iowa State's volleyball team faced West Virginia on Nov. 6. Iowa State won 3-0.

Chris Swart, an Iowa State alumnus, brought up that high schools allow fans, so people should be responsible enough to follow rules in college. 

"It stinks. High schools allow fans," Swart said. "Can't people be adults, take responsibility for their own actions, and just stay home if they are scared?"

One person was upset they didn't even get the chance to show they could be responsible fans, saying, "My family is very disappointed that we aren’t being given a chance to prove that we can be responsible fans."

Even though some people wished they had the opportunity to prove they could be responsible, the general consensus of the poll was that allowing fans would be an irresponsible decision by the athletics department, and the new policy was the best way to go. 

"I think it's great. Sports don't require a crowd, and having one is irresponsible at this point," an Iowa State student said.

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