Heading into Saturday, the Cyclones' men's golf team had more favorable matchups on tap against eighth-seeded TCU in the morning, and fourth seeded Texas later in the evening.


Senior Tripp Kinney and junior Ricky Costello walk to their golf balls after teeing off on the first hole April 5 at Coldwater Golf Links.

The Cyclones started their day an hour early. Iowa State was very successful against TCU, racking up a total of 12 points, winning three outright and tying three times. The team will certainly take those numbers, after struggling on day one. 

As far as the individual scores shake out, Lachlan Barker, Ricky Costello and Tripp Kinney all picked up wins against their opponents. Barker won by a stroke, Costello was up by as many as five and ended up winning by three. Kinney controlled his matchup, winning by four strokes. That left Sam Vincent, Frank Lindwall, and Bryce Hammer to pick up the ties and a potentially important extra three points.


Lachlan Barker tees off on the first hole April 5 at Coldwater Golf Links.

After a brief break, the team was back on the greens against the Longhorns. Iowa State was in it for most of the time, but only ended up tallying seven points for a grand total of 19 on the day. They had two wins (Vincent and Lindwall this time) and one tie (Barker). Kinney, Costello and Hammer all came up short.

As for the scores, Vincent had a much better afternoon than morning and Lindwall bounced back as well, winning by two. Kinney and Costello both lost by two strokes and Hammer continued his struggles, losing by five. 


Part of the men's golf team talks and prepares to tee off on the first hole on April 5 at Coldwater Golf Links.

19 points on the day puts them at around seventh in the standings after two days, with 8 teams (including Iowa State) with one more round tomorrow. Texas Tech, Texas, Kansas State, and Kansas are comfortably in the top four spots.

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