Cross country official Big 12 Championships

An official stands ready at the Big 12 Cross Country Championships on Oct 30, 2020.(Photo credit: Denny Medley/Random Photography)

The Iowa State women’s cross country team competed in the first meet of the season in Iowa City at the Hawkeye invitational on Friday and walked away with a win.

The invitational was held at the Ashton Cross Country Course, with 117 runners and 12 teams for the meet. The Cyclones finished in first place, starting off their season strong, 1-0.

The Cyclones had a handful of runners who were in the top 10 finishing places, and three were in the top five. All runners competed in the 4K event. 

Juniors Janette Schraft, Dana Feyen, and Madelyn Hill held on tight with one another throughout the whole race. In the first leg, after the half-way point, Schraft was in first place behind first place finisher Rachel McCradell from Northwestern. Schraft finished off her race in Secnd place with a time of 13:51.2. 

Right behind Schraft was Feyen, a dominant force on the Cyclone team, who finished in third place with 14:04.7. And surprisingly, to follow Feyen was Hill, who earned the fourth place spot but had the same exact time as Feyen. 

The Cyclones will continue the 2021 season on Sept. 23, where they will head to Minneapolis for the University of Minnesota's Invitational, the Roy Griak Invite.

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