Breece Hall and Brock Purdy Big 12 Championship

Iowa State running back Breece Hall takes the handoff from Iowa State quarterback Brock Purdy in the 2020 Dr. Pepper Big 12 Football Championship on Dec. 19 in Arlington, Texas.

On Thursday, all student-athletes woke up with a new policy that would change their lives for the time being. The NCAA agreed to allow college athletes to make profits off their name for the first time.

The interim policy is likely just to fill in until the NCAA can decide upon a full-time policy. 

Iowa State has had some athletes jump on the opportunity, signing deals of their own. Brock Purdy, Breece Hall, Sean Foster, Tarique Milton, Jaylin Noel and Howard Brown are some of the athletes who have already committed to an organization.

Purdy, Hall and Foster have all joined Cameo, which allows the public to send messages and hear messages from the football stars. Fans can get personalized videos from the players as long as the players accept. You can book Purdy for a message for $40.99, Hall for $54.99 and Foster for $15.99.

Milton announced on Instagram that he has joined Yoke Gaming. The organization enables you to play video games with your favorite athletes. 

Noel and Brown have started a YouTube channel together called "HB13 Vlogs". They will produce vlogs, Q&As and more on their channel.

With many Cyclones already jumping on the opportunity to profit off their fame, the NCAA will be heading into a much different era. With time, it's certain more and more Cyclone athletes will join in and have a chance to make money off of something that was against the rules for decades.

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