Big 12 - Conference Saved
Texas' decision to stay seems to have settled controversy over what would happen to the Big 12.

It has been a long few weeks for all remaining Big 12 schools, but Monday's announcement the Big 12 was going to live on probably came as the best news Big 12 fans could have received.

Perhaps one of the happiest people to hear Texas wished to stay with the Big 12 was Dan Beebe, Big 12 conference commissioner.

"It's been a very significant roller coaster ride," Beebe said. "I always had an optimistic view, a glass half full view, and I felt like through a lot of contemplation that the best place for the member institutions that remain and even those that departed was to continue with this tremendous association."

Beebe held a teleconference Tuesday, and for the first time was able to answer questions about the Big 12's future.

But how long will the Big 12 be considered the Big 12? Currently, the conference has 10 teams. Beebe said the conference has no initial plans for expansion. However, there is always possibility for expansion.

"We're very comfortable with where we are," Beebe said. "There's no interest in having an expansion review at this point, I don't think it's going to come in the future.

"My indications — without having a full meeting — are that the 10 schools we have are sufficient and there is no interest to expand further."

Without expansion, the conference will have to part ways with its football championship games.

"Now that we have [10 schools], there are a lot of positive feelings about having 10," Beebe said. "Having a nine game football schedule, which a lot of our members have wanted in the past and having a double round-robin basketball schedule. Everybody gets the opportunity to see great basketball teams come to their arena every year. "

Questions have also risen regarding the possibility of a television deal being struck for the Big 12.

Despite earlier reports that said the Big 12 has a deal in place for a television network, Beebe denied the report but did not deny they are working on a potential deal.

"We don't have a future television deal that has been reached at this time," Beebe said. "We do have extremely strong verification based on analysis by our consultants and other media companies themselves that we are in a tremendous position to execute future agreements that will put our member institutions on par with any in the country."

President Gregory Geoffroy and athletic director Jamie Pollard have scheduled a news conference for Tuesday afternoon to respond to the news the Big 12 is staying intact.


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