No. 17 Iowa State takes down No. 15 Oklahoma

Senior Daniel Edozie holds up his framed jersey before the game against No. 15 Oklahoma at Hilton Coliseum on March 2. The No. 17 Cyclones defeated the Sooners 77-70 after a rocky 18-point first half.

Daniel Edozie leapt into the air, grabbed the basketball and stuffed the ball through the rim. Monte Morris smiled as he trotted back down the court, having just passed Edozie the ball off the backboard.

Edozie and Morris last played together as Cyclones on March 2, 2015. While there were no alley-oops that night, there were several during the YMCA Capital City League on Sunday, July 10.

“I’m back in Cap City, playing for fun,” Edozie said. “Why not?”

Edozie looked back on his time in Cap City in 2013 when he and Morris were on the same team. It was the first time the two of them suited up together.


Former ISU basketball player Daniel Edozie blocks Ola Arogundade at the championship game on July 17.

"There’s a little bit of chemistry still there,” Edozie said.

Edozie went undrafted in the 2015 NBA draft, the year he graduated from Iowa State. From there, he had two options -- hope to be a Summer League free agent pickup, or play abroad.

Edozie chose to return to England.

Edozie just completed his first season of professional basketball with the Bristol Flyers in Bristol, England. They’re a relatively new team and were established in 2006. The team finished at 9-24 this year.

“It’s a work in progress,” Edozie said. “It’s fun playing with a team that’s growing. Basketball is growing in England.”

In Europe, teams are only allowed a certain number of American players on their rosters. Germany allows only two, while Spain and England each allow up to three. Edozie, having an English passport, does not count as an American.

Edozie hasn’t been back to London since 2004, but he said he really enjoys Bristol. Bristol is located in southwest England and he compared Bristol to Ames, in that it’s not too big, but not too small. It’s very easy to get around.

There were two factors for Edozie to go to Bristol. First was player development. He’s excited about the growth of the team, and is ready to help them grow as a team and as a program. The second was more personal.

“I actually went back because I have a sister there,” Edozie said. “A little sister, in Bath, [England], who I’ve never met before. Bath is only like 20 minutes from Bristol.”

Edozie has an easy time and easy access to spending time with the family he’s just getting to know.

Basketball players frequently mention how their teammates are like their family. Now, Daniel Edozie has two new families to learn and grow with.

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