The Memorial Union stands in a haze as the weather worsens at Iowa State University Monday evening, creating treacherous road and walking conditions throughout campus.

Iowa winters can be harsh, but they can also be fun. With students from all around the world at Iowa State, there can be some big differences between the winters in Iowa and those in other places. 

Zixuan He, freshman in early childhood education, said that while she had seen snow in her hometown, which is located near Beijing, China, she had never seen it in large amounts.

“It gets cold, but not that cold,” He said.

She said she is happy that she gets to wear sweaters and fuzzy socks during the winter. 

“My friends and I even have matching Christmas socks,” she said.

When asked if she was excited about winter, she said, “ I do want to build a snowman.”

For some students, winter can be a reminder of how far away they truly are from home.
Chu Min-Le (Larry), sophomore in computer engineering, said winter is not the season he enjoys most.
After living in China and Taiwan, Chu said that before coming to the United States, he had never been anywhere so cold.
While he always liked seeing people throw snow at one another on Central Campus and have fun, Chu said winter was not always a happy time for him.
Chu said he used to work later at night, and as he walked back to his living space, he would not see people on the street.
“It was moments like those that reminded me I was an international student, that I was alone,” he said. 
Miguelangel Zavala, freshman in electrical engineering, said winter should not be all that different from his hometown of Chicago.
Coming from the Windy City, Zavala said he hopes for more snow and less wind. He said one of the parts of an Iowa winter he is most excited for is the snowfall.
“We don’t get a lot of snow in Chicago, so I’m excited to go skiing on actual snow this year,” Zavala said.

Saadeldeen Antar, senior in civil engineering, said his first Iowa winter was a completely new experience.

Born in Saudi Arabia, where the winter temperatures were between 60 and 70 degrees,  Antar was ill prepared for the reality of snow and cold that an Iowa winter brings.

He said that one day after coming out of a movie theater, Pepsi in hand, he walked outside. After the movie, he arrived at his next destination, Applebee's.

“By that point, my hand turned blue and I basically couldn’t feel it,” Antar said.

He went in the bathroom to run his hand under hot water. A man saw what he was about to do and stopped him, instead gradually warming his hand with an increasing temperature of water.

“I was screaming because my hand hurt, and when I walked out, the entire restaurant just stared,” Antar said.

He learned from his first winter and knows proper techniques to keep warm.

“I definitely learned from that experience; I always wear gloves and I never drink Pepsi,” Antar said with a smile.

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