The Cyclone Marching Band.

We all have a need to feel like a part of something. That may be through involvement with a student organization, sports team or club. But what about when we leave Iowa State University? Are we still a part of the Cyclone family? Do we still belong, and if so, how?

Many Iowa State alumni maintain relationships far beyond their years on campus. The Iowa State University Alumni Association plays a substantial role in the connecting factor.

“We start reaching out to our future alumni when they are students with the Student Alumni Association and its benefits," said Shannon Foote, vice president of marketing for ISUAA. "This continues upon graduation where we work to facilitate the lifetime connection of alumni, students and friends with Iowa State University and each other."

ISUAA offers many opportunities to get involved on and off campus through events such as reunion dinners, tailgates and travel tours. The activities and opportunities can be found on the ISUAA website.

“Younger alumni utilize our career services and will participate in game watches and events that cater to their interests," Foote said. "Older alumni tend to get involved with their local clubs and our travel program."

Kyle Ticer, a younger alumnus, said he participates by cheering on the Cyclones when they are at home and on the road. He enjoys coming back to campus for the football games and basketball games.

His favorite part about being an alumnus is the Cyclone spirit everywhere and having graduated from a university that is held in high regard.

Edward Baglan, a graduate from the spring of 2016, recently became a member of the ISUAA and used it to his advantage after taking on a job in Chicago.

“I finally found a job in Chicago and realized how lonely it could be, so I started looking around and found out there were other Iowa State alumni in the city," Baglan said. "So I met up with them and relived all of our memories from Ames, Iowa, especially Welch Ave."

Glen Mente, who received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Iowa State, shared his story as an alumnus.

Mente played basketball in his undergraduate years, was a member of the collegiate 4-H club, was part of Block & Bridle and was a member of Alpha Zeta and Kappa Sigma fraternities.

Being so active in his days at Iowa State, it's no surprise that he maintains his love for this university as an active member of the ISUAA. His passion for the school has not gone unnoticed. He was the recipient of the ISU Alumni Achievement Award for Muscatine County.

“I am proud to be one of over 200,000 living alums of Iowa State University along with both of our daughters, Brenda Frankenfeld and Beth Marrs, and one son-in-law, Craig Marrs,” Mente said. “We received a quality, affordable education in an environment which allowed us to grow and mature, plus an awesome alumni association which has kept us connected to Iowa State.”

Iowa State University leaves an impact on students and creates a foundation for their future. 

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