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In a world full of technology and online profiles, it can be hard to know how to go about dating in the real world. We gathered advice from Iowa State Tinder users about how to navigate through dating and relationships in today’s society.

“Sometimes you’re going to fight, and that’s OK. What really matters is the ability to make things better with each other.” — Connor Cosgrove, freshman in pre-business

“Use smooth pick-up lines like, 'On a scale of 1 to 10, you’re a 9. I’m the 1that you need.' But don’t be too serious about Tinder.” — Andrew Arciuch, freshman in aerospace engineering

“I would say to take [communication] off of Tinder as soon as possible. I think most people using Tinder feel creepy about using it.” — Jake Behnke, freshman in pre-business

“It’s important to ask about commitment up front — if that’s what you want — because if that scares them, then it isn’t worth it for you.” — Natalie Bretey, sophomore in finance

“Don’t change who you are for a person if you aren’t going to become the person you want to be.” — Jacquelyn Mesenbrink, junior in biology 

“Have a funny bio. In my opinion, that’s more entertaining than the pictures even if I don’t swipe right. Or make the pictures entertaining. I swiped right last week on a guy with a bottle of mustard next to his head. If you have a dog, or even a picture of a dog, post that. We love dogs.” — Natalie Blockhus, senior in marketing

“For your Tinder profile, make sure you use your correct age, have lots of pictures of yourself and don’t have a ton of group photos because that’s confusing.” — Kallie McSperrin, junior in public relations

“Start with a cheesy pick-up line, but be original. Also, put something funny in your bio, don’t just talk about how cool you are. You’re on Tinder. You’re not cool.” — Keely O’Neal, junior in journalism and mass communication

“There are three things that make a good relationship: you have to have trust, you have to be open to doing things but also respectful of your partner’s limits [and] you have to be able to make each other laugh.” — Keely O’Neal 

"As cliché as this might sound, trust is fundamental. From the outside, it might seem like you partner is being overly friendly to someone else and trying to replace you, but you're 99.99 percent wrong. You are your hardest judge. Keep impressing your partner by displaying trust in [the relationship]. With that said, if you can't ever believe that, do both of you a favor and let them go. If you can't get yourself to love yourself, you can't ever give your fullest love." — Gabe Baglan, senior in mechanical engineering

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samsaung mirza

This tinder advice is good but I'm moving towards this amazing Christian dating site I've found. I saw that there are more of my kind of people in here than elsewhere.

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