When the clock wound down on the ISU volleyball's season in the NCAA tournament, the team took a few days to recuperate from the loss. But focus immediately shifted to next year's roster — and it was a good one. 

Head coach Christy Johnson-Lynch raved about the depth the team has when asked about the team's dynamic before the spring season. It is mostly a good thing, but it comes with drawbacks as well. 

"It’s kind of a good problem, but it can be a problem,” Johnson-Lynch said. “You want someone to emerge. You don’t want to go through the fall not knowing who your starters are. ... So we hope at some point that happens, but it sure makes for competitive practices.”

The first international signee in the Johnson-Lynch era, Grace Lazard, is one of the players Johnson-Lynch hopes will emerge. 

The London native played for England's junior national volleyball team and has played all over Europe. The middle blocker impressed during the spring season and will attempt to nudge her way into the lineup. 

The Cyclones will return three seniors: Caitlin Nolan, Mackenzie Bigbee and Tory Knuth. 

Bigbee was another standout during the spring season. Last season, she racked up 142 kills, which was third on the team, and she was also tied for third on the team in assists with 7. 

But one of the team's most valuable players last season will have to replicate what she did to help the Cyclones launch another title run. 

Ciara Capezio led the team in kills with 277 and assists with 12. Entering her junior year, Capezio has one more year of seasoning under her belt. 

Iowa State competed four times during the spring season, ending with a win against Illinois on April 25.  

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