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Our brand new all natural energy supplement, White Horse gives all the energy you need to take on your busy day.

Stressed? Overworked? Sleep deprived? The crushing reality that there’s no conceivable way that you won’t tank that exam that you studied 20 hours for got you down?

What if I told you that for centuries, people have known the solution to alleviating all these problems and more? The answer is simple and in the form of a plant that’s grown in exotic regions of South America like Bolivia, Peru and Columbia. The miracle plant coca has been used in civilizations for centuries for both medicinal purposes and to give people a little kick of energy where they feel it’s needed.

Us at White Horse are very excited to debut our new all-natural energy supplement that early testers simply can’t get enough of. Through our new proprietary process, we take the fabled coca plant and turn it into a fine powder that can be ingested in a variety of different ways to give you a boost needed to take on your intense day of courses.

Nothing like the other energy drink companies that pedal addictive caffeine and loads of other chemicals into your bodies, our holistic natural supplement allows you to make sure only Mother Nature’s natural gifts enters your body.

Selling our energy supplement in two forms, powder and premixed drinks, we offer White Horse in convenient ways that allows you busy college students to consume it on the go.

With flavors like vanilla, chocolate or original, take a break from when you’re feeling down and rub some of the energy powder into your gums, add it to your water or consume it through one of your handy premixed drinks.

Give your body the kick it needs to pass your exams with White Horse.

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Josh Montgomery

Dude lmao wut

legalize yayo, heyooo

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