Sample business plan for humor article

A sample business plan for students of the new marketing course, the plan works as a frame work towards achieving success in your own multi-level marketing plans.

What is going on Girl Bosses! ;)


We think that you would be a great fit for our new student-led marketing course. For just a menial payment of $5,000 you can gain all the information needed to be your own boss and how to level your marketing. This payment must be made to one of our hand-selected knowledge representatives who started out in the exact same spot you are currently in!


To help supplement these costs, we push all students to go out and find their own pod in which to grow the current culture of the class. Each student, upon enrollment, is also given their own unique special offer code for an immediate 0.01n percent off the course fees!


Unlike other courses, there is no set professor. Instead we will have a rotating group of self made Girl Emperors like Bernie Madoff (investing), Donald Gary Young (essential oils), and Mark R Hughes (Herbalife). Our course work involves a rigorous course load focused on recruiting, recruiting, and recruiting more girl bosses like yourself! 


Pending current investment fraud lawsuits, the current semester schedule is shown below:


Week 1: Recruitment (Girl Bossing 101)

Week 2: Recruitment (The Art of DM’ing)

Week 3: Recruitment (Basic Modeling)

Week 4: Recruitment (Teas, Bees and Artistries)

Week 5: Recruitment (Exam 1)

Week 6: Recruitment (Disregarding Rejections)

Week 7: Recruitment (Tax Evasion 102)

Week 8: Recruitment (Faking Your Numbers 103)

Week 9: Recruitment (Getting Your Relatives Involved)

Week 10: Recruitment  (Exam 2)

Week 11: Recruitment (Advanced Modeling)

Week 12: Recruitment (Special girl boss: Helen Degenerate!!!)

Week 13: Recruitment (Herbalife Storefronts)

Week 14: How to file personal bankruptcy


A queen once said, “The only girl to boss the girlboss is the girl who is the girlboss.”


See you soon sweeties and DO NOT be afraid to reach out with any questions XOXO.

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